IT Cyber Essentials Certification

The IT Cyber Essentials Certification is an initiative supported by the UK government which aims to assist businesses of all sizes with defending themselves against common online attacks. The scheme provides a variety of fundamental cyber security measures that businesses can use to lower their risk of cyber attacks. By achieving a certification in Cyber Essentials, businesses can demonstrate to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders that they have taken essential steps to protect their information and systems.

By achieving a Cyber Essentials certification, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and protect against common cyber threats.


The Cyber Essentials scheme covers five key areas of cyber security: 

1. Secure configuration: ensuring that all devices and software are configured securely and that unnecessary services and applications are removed or disabled.

2. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways: securing network perimeters by configuring firewalls and internet gateways appropriately.

3. Access control and administrative privilege management: controlling access to systems and data by ensuring that only authorised individuals have access and that administrative privileges are managed securely.

4. Patch management: ensuring that software is up to date and that security patches are applied promptly.

5. Malware protection: protecting against malware by implementing anti-virus and anti-malware software and keeping it up to date.

By implementing these controls and achieving Cyber Essentials certification, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and reassure their customers and partners that they take data protection seriously. The Cyber Essentials scheme is also an effective way for businesses to identify and address potential weaknesses in their cyber security posture, helping them to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Our Approach

TwentyFour IT provide the Cyber Essentials Certification in Doncaster and Bracknell to a range of businesses.


Our structured process includes these steps:

1. Initial Assessment: the first step would involve an initial assessment of the business's current cyber security posture. This would involve reviewing the company's IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks.

2. Gap Analysis: based on the initial assessment, the company would perform a gap analysis to identify the gaps between the business' current cyber security posture and the requirements of the Cyber Essentials framework. This will help the company determine the specific areas that need to be addressed to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

3. Recommendations: once the gaps have been identified, we provide recommendations on the steps that the business needs to take to address them. TwentyFour IT will give you guidance regarding the necessary technical controls, policies, and procedures that need implementing in order to meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials framework.

4. Implementation: the next step would involve implementing the agreed upon controls, policies, and procedures to address the gaps identified in the gap analysis. This could involve installing security software, configuring firewalls, updating policies and procedures, and providing staff training on cyber security best practices.

5. Assessment: once the necessary controls have been implemented, we conduct an assessment to verify that the business meets the requirements of the Cyber Essentials framework. This could involve conducting vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and reviewing policies and procedures.

6. Certification: if the assessment is successful, we provide you with a Cyber Essentials certificate, which confirms that the business has met the requirements of the framework. The certificate demonstrates to customers, partners, and stakeholders that the business has taken the necessary steps to protect against common cyber security threats.


Improves cyber security.

Provides a competitive advantage.

Helps your business comply with Cyber Essentials standards for cyber security.

Cost-effective cyber security solution.

Increases resilience against cyber-attacks.

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