IT Vulnerability Assessment Services

Internal and external vulnerabilities could compromise your business.

Our IT vulnerability assessment services in Doncaster and Bracknell are regular occurrences, and this means that TwentyFour IT are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to this process. Vulnerability in your IT infrastructure provides an entry point for attackers to steal data and disrupt networks. Downtime caused by compromised systems affect everything from productivity to customer trust, not to mention the additional costs of fixing the problem. Vulnerability management through assessments is a proactive measure to help mitigate the potential legal and financial cost of a cyber attack.

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The key benefits of vulnerability assessments

Evaluate the strength of your authentication methods: It is now especially important for businesses to ensure they have robust authentication systems in place with the rise of hybrid working. Broken or misconfigured controls mean malicious actors can easily access accounts and disrupt operations.

Ensures your security and systems are configured correctly: Any security misconfigurations could have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, so it is important to have these assessed regularly

Detect live risks before they become a problem: By detecting vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, you can fix them before they are exploited and cause damage to your business.

Prioritise risks to your business: With a detailed view of your business’ security capabilities, you can prioritise the greatest vulnerabilities for efficient allocation of resources.

Our approach helps ensure any security vulnerabilities are dealt with before they become a problem


Malicious actors will attempt to access your data through a range of attack vectors. Our vulnerability assessments cover everything from patch statuses and software versions to multi-factor authentication methods and network segmentation to detect live risks. Any vulnerabilities are highlighted so action can be taken.


We provide tailored recommendations and give you the support you need to ensure your systems are functioning effectively and securely.

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