Disaster Recovery Plan

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and when it does, our disaster recovery systems are here for you. Have you had a hardware outage, or has your cloud data become compromised? Our backup and disaster recovery plan will limit recovery time and get you back to business as normal as soon as possible.

What is Disaster Recovery (DR)?

In the current climate, you need to backup and disaster recovery plan in case the worst happens, we work to protect your business, but the next new threat is, sadly, just around the corner. Disasters can occur meaning business continuity is critical, but things can be done to ensure we can remove the drama from a crisis. It is essential to have a plan to get back on track should an incident happen – this is where Disaster Recovery service comes in.

Disaster Recovery is about Business Continuity and acts as a backup service model that uses cloud resources to protect applications and data from disruption caused by a negative event. Working with you, we enable a total system backup that allows business continuity in the event of a fundamental system failure that could stop the business functioning.
Our disaster recovery service will help your business with planning and managing incidents of all shapes and sizes - so what can you expect?

Our Approach

Our disaster recovery services include:

• Access to our range of best-in-class, market-leading cloud-based disaster recovery products
• Flexible off-site capabilities to recover data from hourly, daily, weekly and quarterly restore points
• Removes the need to manage and maintain on-site dedicated facilities, reducing costs and eliminating risks associated with single points of failure and insufficient capacity to cope
• Assurance that your systems should be back online within hours, when the worst happens and excellent response is needed
• Expertise to offer step-by-step assistance with developing and testing your Disaster Recovery Plan, this starts with an understanding of your critical business needs leading to a plan guided from our standing procedures
How ready are you for a disaster striking your organisation?

When thinking about disaster recovery planning, we’d encourage any IT decision-makers to consider the following five questions as a means of gauging readiness:

• Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your business?
• Do you know how to test the integrity of your data recovery and, if yes, when did you last test it?
• Is your data backed up off-site in case an incident occurs?
• How long would it take your organisation to recover your systems?
• Do you know the true cost of the downtime associated with a disaster, in both lost productivity and reputational damage with your customers?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you should consider a managed disaster recovery service.

What are the benefits?

  • Professional team working on your behalf
  • Cyber security assessment
  • Secured wifi
  • Security operations centre
  • Endpoint management
  • Cloud cyber security
  • Network security
  • Email security
  • Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery planning and execution

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