IT Helpdesk Outsourcing

By outsourcing your IT helpdesk, you can get IT support and services when and if you need it. Our experienced and friendly service delivery team are on hand to offer instant technical support at the click of a button.

What is IT Helpdesk Outsourcing?

Our service desk is the single point of contact between us and our clients, managing incidents and service requests. It also handles communication with the users.

Its goal is to serve as a one-stop shop for users for their IT service needs. The TwentyFour IT service desk assists our clients with incident resolution or service request management, it creates and manages departmental knowledge, and offers self-service for customers who want to resolve incidents quickly and independently.

The Service Desk is here to enable you to concentrate on your business, not your IT. You can leave it to us whilst our Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives you confidence in response times with the option for 24/7 support for those who need it; we have you covered.

Our service-level agreement is a commitment between us and your business. Aspects of this service – quality, availability, responsibilities – are agreed upon between both parties preliminarily.

Our Approach

Our IT Helpdesk Outsourcing service is a cost-effective resource for any business that does not have an IT team on site. All our team members are experienced and certified, giving you peace of mind. In addition, we flex our services to meet your needs, so if you need coverage 24/7 or just want business hours, or have a special high availability section, we can tailor our service to you.

Our service desk provides around-the-clock status monitoring, and remote and onsite equipment maintenance, and eliminates the need for ‘manned’ support.

What to expect from our IT helpdesk outsourcing service:

• Ticketing Software
• Proactive Incident Management
• Quality Customer Service
• Operating in compliance

Your network is in safe hands and managed in accordance with the relevant policies and UK regulations. We run extensive tests to ensure our system work for our customers and their businesses. All whilst ensuring the right level of security and adhering to UK industry compliance standards.

Our engineers aim to be integral to your team, understanding how you work and when you are likely to need the most support. This ensures we provide the dependable support you need when you need it. For those who have an internal IT team, our service desk can augment their availability to the business by, for example, handling first and second-line support.

What are the benefits?

  • Experienced team
  • Flexible support options
  • Eliminates the need for ‘manned’ support
  • Remote and onsite equipment maintenance
  • Around the clock status and end point monitoring
  • Proactive incident management reporting

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