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Established in 1996, RNB Commercials Ltd boasts one of the largest VOSA test centres in the North West. It is here they carry out essential commercial vehicle servicing for trucks and trailers – testing over 4,000 vehicles each year. As well as VOSA testing, offerings include mobile workshops, commercial ATF and preparation, private vehicle MOTs, 24-hour roadside assistance, a tacho centre, body shop and workshop bays.



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November 2017


RNB Commercials were working on an ageing server which was due for replacement; however, the business had plans to grow and open multiple sites across the UK.

In 2017 the business was acquired by new directors, bringing with them a breadth of commercial knowledge. As a result, the company has experienced rapid growth in recent years and further realised the need to match its IT infrastructure to align with expansion.


Before working with Twenty Four IT, RNB had a typical legacy, on-premise solution. We recommended they look at migrating to our Cloud platform delivered over Remote Desktop Services (RDS). This solution would give the business the flexibility to work anywhere in the UK from the same server set, centralising their data and providing the business greater flexibility for growth.

I can’t express how easy the team at TwentyFour have made this situation for us. With their support, we have the assurance that we can continue providing servicing and maintenance on all of our customer vehicles

Martin Woosnam, Managing Director
RNB Commercials


As a result of opting for a Cloud solution, RNB Commercials have benefitted from the genuinely scalable nature of working in the cloud. As more sites are added across the region, getting the workshop and other functioning areas connected has been almost as easy as ‘plug and play’. Martin Woosnam, Managing Director at RNB, adds, ‘now when we open a new site, we know the connectivity infrastructure can be set up without much planning from ourselves. We know we can rely on the team at Twenty Four to meet our requirements.


In addition to facilitating the expansion of the business, the Administration team at RNB Commercials have the ability, should they ever need to, to work at home and when required, visit other sites and still access their desktop applications and data.


In light of the current climate, RNB commercials have reaped the benefits of a Cloud solution by being able to migrate their entire Administration team to homeworking, both efficiently and securely, using an RDS solution. RDS servers allow you to access remote applications and data wherever you have an internet connection. We were on hand to support each team member in setting up their respective devices and ensuring they could connect to the network at home with access to everything required to continue working.

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