Cyber Security Assessments

To protect your business against cyber attacks, you need to understand where the vulnerabilities in your business are. 

What are Cyber Security Assessments?

The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving, which is why routine cyber security assessments are a crucial component of a holistic risk management program. Your organization must keep an eye on the cyber hygiene of its entire ecosystem, including third- and fourth-party vendors, constantly. A cyber security assessment allows you to do this by identifying the cyber threats and security breaches that affect your security posture, leading to more informed decision-making on how best to allocate funds to implement controls and protect the network.

Carrying out cyber security assessments allow us to evaluate security controls and examine the overall security infrastructure integrity of your business.

Cloud storage does not automatically mean that your business data is safe. With many more businesses making use of cloud services, naturally, the cyber threat will move there too. With our Cloud cyber security services, you can ensure that your data is safe from any threats.

Our Approach

We always ensure that we provide you with the right level of security for your business. To do this, we make a thorough assessment of your business by running a cyber security risk assessment. This will check to see if there are any existing vulnerabilities. We then work to remediate any issues flagged, and once these loopholes are closed, we monitor your data. Should anything such as a cyber security attack, we take immediate steps to block the threat, identify the source and mitigate any issue so that you can continue your day with minimum disruption.

The assessment tool operates quickly and discreetly in the background of your PC and produces an automated, easy-to-read PDF report.

The cyber security risk assessment tool provides:

• A comprehensive visual of security vulnerabilities your business faces.

• A holistic view of all assessments you have run and the risk posture across your entire network.

• See intuitive heat maps which highlight the overall risk level and prioritize threats so you can address these risks based on the probability of occurrence and the financial impact on your business.

The assessments are based on the internationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework. NIST-based assessments are designed to be used as a guideline to be better prepared in identifying, detecting, and responding to security risks—on and off the network.

Each risk assessment report also includes remediation recommendations to help create a revenue-generating action plan.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and easy
  • No risk to your business
  • Can be run across all users
  • Identifies different types of security issues

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