Secure WiFi Services

Do you regularly entertain visitors or clients on site? Our secure WiFi services give you a reliable wireless network, allowing you to protect your business from potential hackers. TwentyFour IT provide your clients and visitors with a secure public WiFi that will stop hackers in their tracks.

What is Secured WiFi?

Computers and many other devices, including smartphones and laptops, can connect to the internet wirelessly using WiFi. An unsecured WiFi connection makes it easier for hackers to access your private files and information, and it allows strangers to use your internet connection. If not secured properly, your WiFi could expose you to the risks of either data theft or cyber security attacks.

Make sure that you keep your business and data safe by ensuring that your WiFi security is fit for purpose.

Our Approach

Our secure WiFi services allow us to thoroughly assess your current WiFi setup to see if there are any gaps. For example, do you have a secured guest area for visitors to your site? Does it require them to register for access?

After thoroughly checking your network, we recommend what works best for your business. This will be in the form of a detailed report which gives you clarity around the steps you need to take to best ensure your security. We will also determine the robustness of any existing security measures.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and easy
  • Professional trained engineers
  • Includes all IT hardware if needed
  • Report is acceptable to Cybersecurity insurance providers
  • Can include user education if required. 

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